Mouser Cabinets Testimonial

My husband and I built a house seven years ago and chose Mouser cabinets.

We both loved the cabinets for their style from the very beginning. We were

able to create exactly the look we wanted with ease due to Mouser's

extensive offerings. Through the years, I have appreciated their

practicality and durability. The special purpose items such as the spice

rack, knife drawer, trash cabinet, media shelves, etc. have been very

functional. All of the shelves, including the library and office shelves,

have been very easy to modify as uses or needs have changed. I have several

drawers in my kitchen that hold fairly heavy serving dishes and the drawer

mechanisms have always worked very smoothly.


One of things I appreciate the most about the cabinets, especially the ones

in my kitchen, is how easy they are to clean. I have never had a splatter

or spill that I could not remove. I allow my kids and their friends to cook

in our kitchen and we have lots of splatters and spills! Recently, I had to

replace my refrigerator which had Mouser door overlays. The refrigerator

style had changed so I needed new overlays. Mouser still had my original

order on file and matched my cabinets perfectly. They even used one of the

old overlays to "age" the new panels so they would match exactly.


I have highly recommended Mouser cabinets to my friends, and if I am cabinet

shopping in the future, they will definitely be my first choice.


Janice Johnson

Huntsville, AL